Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Meet the magic potion that could transform the skin you have. This product is for everyone who, just like myself, has always been on the losing side of this battle. Take it from someone who has spent more than a handful of holidays worth on filling up my bathroom cabinets and has enough acids in stock to supply a small village.


Lately I've been into pink. Can you tell? Pink donuts. Pink bubblegum. Pink sneakers. Pink drinks. Pink cupcakes. Pink love notes. Pink nails. Pink walls. Pink fluffy coats. Pink motels. Pink desserts. And yes, even pink toilets have made its way into this candyfloss collage. Pink is cool.

Stasja Clerckx

Santa did good. Who ever knew he had such a heart for gold? And how did he know I wanted that Cats on Instagram book which had been resting in my Urban Outfitters basket just waiting to be found? A man of many talents, that Santa.

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